Engage Men's Ministry

In an age where so many men both young and old struggle with balancing the many areas of life, there is a need to instill knowledge, wisdom and understanding on how to navigate life's many pressures. Engage is the men's ministry of International Christian Center focused on helping men of all ages discover, prepare, declare and lay claim to the promises of God in their life. We engage men to rise above and conquer the challenges of life and shine forth as the superhero's God always intended for them to be in the lives of those that surround them.

Fully Persuaded Women Women's Ministry
Fully Persuaded Women

A Fully Persuaded Woman is someone who fills her cup with hope each day knowing that her Heavenly Father is plenteous in mercy, and His faithfulness is great. She dares to put her full confidence and trust in the One True God that does not change and does not lie, and she encourages others to do likewise. She expects the best for her marriage, the lives of her children, family and friends knowing that good enough is not God's Best. She does not pick and choose the things she will believe in God's Word because she understands that obeying her Father is better than a lifetime of sacrifice. A Fully Persuaded Woman is someone who chooses to believe that God is able to do whatever He has promised.

Generation Application Young Adult Ministry
Gen App

Generation Application, or Gen App, is a group of young, driven, compassionate individuals, all dedicated to one purpose – To apply God's love and God's word to every aspect of our lives, as well as our interaction with the world. By age group, we are the 18 – 35 range of ICC members. By desire, we are a group of people who wish to make an impact and a difference in our communities and the world while engaging, empowering, educating and encouraging others to do the same!

Greater Than Youth Ministry
Greater Than

Greater Than Youth Ministry impacts the lives of young adults (6th – 12th grade) by helping them grow their faith and discovering their destiny. We discuss today’s issues by using relevant messages that help our students right now, every day!

Witnesses of the Word Childrens Ministry

WOW is an acronym of Witnesses of the Word. We believe that the word is exciting and compelling and has the effectual ability to change lives. Acts 1:8 says "We shall receive power and become witnesses to our families first and then to the uttermost part of the world". We believe that the word of God has transforming power and at WOW kids, We get to see the effectual wondrous word in living color. We then become witnesses of that transformation and spread God's love from heart to heart and breast to breast, from family to community to the uttermost part of the world.